Welcome to SISU – Strategic Survival Solutions.  We are a “Survival Station.” Preparedness and survival is our specialty niche. We provide personalized “concierge” citizen survival, helping us to tailor a preparedness regimen appropriate for each individual, family, community and business.  Examine our website.  Learn and understand what SISU means.  Register for a CCW class.  We help put a “shield” between you and whatever it is that might cause you harm.  SISU….it starts with you!


SISU was created to help the citizens of Kansas City answer the question of “How can I improve my preparedness profile?”   We can help you inject a little preparedness into your life because no matter where you live, no matter who you are, we all have a role in hometown security.  When you need help, the Police are minutes away!  “Remember:  You Are the Real First Responder!


Gun Genie is a new state-of-the-art consumer firearm purchasing tool. Davidson’s Guns developed the and Gun Genie to offer you an on-line solution to purchase firearms.

Gun Genie allows you to conveniently purchase that new firearm you have been looking for, including the ability to tap into Davidson’s huge inventory for many items that you may not be able to see in our store.

You can easily locate the firearm that you want, put down a deposit and arrange to pick up your new firearm at SISU with the convenience of shopping at home! We encourage you to have fun and purchase your next firearm using Gun Genie.


SISU is rapidly becoming the Concealed Carry HQ of Kansas City. We are dedicated to providing you with the best training possible on this important topic. Our CCW course is instructed by Jim Ham & Rob Russell. Both are current local Law Enforcement Officers and  Certified Instructors in both Missouri and Kansas. Classes are typically offered every Saturday. Special arrangements can be made for your group of family, friends, colleagues, teachers, realtors, and medical professionals to train together during the week and/or at your site.  Check out our Training Schedule and sign-up for a class today!


When police officers face deadly force threats, the most effective tactics and tools should be employed. Part of this response capability includes immediate access to a patrol rifle, allowing the officer to deliver accurate fire over long distances or penetrate an offender’s body armor. Such access could save the life of an officer or a citizen.

SISU provides a quality Patrol Rifle, built to KCPD specs and set at an affordable price. Stop in and see us to pick up your personal Patrol Rifle today.


To go along with our Patrol Rifle, SISU also offers the Kansas City Police Department Patrol Shotgun. Designed and configured to KCPD specs, we provide this at an affordable price.

When paired with our Patrol Rifle, you get the complete package of tactical tools for your tour of duty.

Get the shotgun you’ve always wanted! Come in to SISU and purchase one today.

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